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Forever Sheltered by Deanna Roy + Giveaways!

Forever Sheltered by Deanna Roy + TWO Giveaways!

Forever Sheltered cover

Forever Sheltered Blitz

The third book in Deanna Roy’s Forever Series came out July 23rd, and OMG it’s my favorite. The first two books follow Corabelle and Gavin’s relationship after they lost their baby, but Forever Sheltered has a new couple. Tina and Darion have fantastic chemistry, and Roy’s books are fun, fast reads.

This post has an excerpt and two–yes, TWO–awesome giveaways, so be sure to scroooooll to the…

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Guest Post: Secretive Characters by Nazarea Andrews

Today I have a Guest Post by @NazareaAndrews on the blog talking Secretive Characters!!!

HORDE Blog TourY’all, I’m so excited to host Nazarea Andrews on the blog today to talk about THE HORDE WITHOUT END and my favorite character, Finn O’Malley! This series is handsdown one of my favorite NAs, and if you haven’t picked up the first book, THE WORD WITHOUT A FUTURE, you are missing some zombie-packed action and swoon-tastic romance–and the sequel is even better! 

I adore these covers so much!

I adore these covers so much!


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Guest Post: Building Characters by Anne Tibbets

CARRIER Blog Tour!! Anne Tibbets is over on my blog writing about building characters.

I love this cover so, so much.

I’m so excited to welcome Anne Tibbets to my blog today as part of her CARRIER blog tour! This post has an international giveaway, an inside look at character building, and the usual blog shenanigans. I asked Anne to write a post about building her characters.  Naya and Ric are both dynamic and three-dimensional, and their relationship is just fantastic. I cried reading CARRIER, because I was so…

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My husband just sent me this. He knows me so well. 

This is me in a nutshell

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Road Trip Audiobooks

I sing along to a lot of music while I’m driving, but one of the best things about a long trip is being able to listen to books.

I drive 14 hours to get from Tulane to home and vice versa. It’s an 8 hour drive to my grandmother’s house.

Audiobooks are amazing. I used to fall asleep to my tapes of the Harry Potterseries, read by Jim Dale. But audiobooks take time, a lot more time than reading the…

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Beach Reads

Let’s talk Beach Reads.

It’s sort of an elusive recommendation. After all, what makes a book good for the beach, but not for reading before bed? The answer: nothing.

It’s different for everyone, but in the end Beach Read translates to fun. I require a few things from

1. Light. Absolutely does not require brain power to process (House of Leaves, anybody?) because, come on, I’m vacationing here.


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Cover Reveal: Carrier by Anne Tibbets

Cover Reveal: Carrier by Anne Tibbets

I can’t wait for this book! I love a good dystopian romance–and I’m very excited to see the New Adult category growing. Ever since I heard Anne’s pitch for Naya’s story, I’ve been dying to get my hands on it.

Carrier will be published on June 16th, 2014! SO SOON! Here’s the summary so you can see why I’m so excited:

Twenty-two-year-old Naya has spent nearly half her life as a sex slave in a…

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They call him the Winter Soldier. He reminds me more of fire, though.


They call him the Winter Soldier. He reminds me more of fire, though.

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Join the Blizzard: SNOW LIKE ASHES ARC Giveaway!




Today is the first season change of 2014, where we at long last cast off the icy blanket of winter in favor of the evil glower of spring.

Oh, is spring only evil in my little world? WANT TO FINALLY FIND OUT WHY??

For this first Join the Blizzard contest for 2014 (if you’re…


To celebrate the (approximate) 1-year anniversary of Diversity in YA’s launch on tumblr, we’re giving away all these books! Thank you for celebrating diversity in young adult books with us and continuing to engage in dialogue and increasing awareness!

(To view a document listing all the titles, click here.)

Here’s how this is going to work:

  1. We’ve divided these books into 4-packs of diverse awesomeness. Don’t worry, series titles will all be kept together, so you won’t end up getting a middle book or a third book in a trilogy without the others.
  2. We have multiple copies of some titles, so some of them will go into several prize packs.
  3. We’ll select 17 winners, each of whom will receive a prize pack of 4 books!
  4. Because of the large number of titles and the cost of international shipping, we’re only able to ship to U.S. mailing addresses. International folks may enter as long as they have a U.S. mailing address.
  5. Teachers and librarians get an extra entry!
  6. The deadline to enter is March 31, 2014.

Enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(If you can’t see the Rafflecopter entry form on your tumblr dash, you can also enter at our website.)

Thank you so much to the following publishers for donating books to our Anniversary Giveaway: